About us

Cardio-Research is an independent  non-profit website with an aim to promote basic cardiovascular research.

The material contained in this site covers the basic aspects of  Cardiovascular Research together with established lab procedures.

Please note: the information contained here must not be considered as medical advice.

Who we are
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Barallobre-Barreiro J. 
A Coruña - Spain

Issue of contribution: Webmaster, website concept, content editor, various cotributions.
Research interests: Cardiovascular Protemics & Genomics, cardiac fibrosis, Extracellular matrix. 

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Fernández-Caggiano M.
A Coruña - Spain

Issue of contribution: Webmaster, website design, content editor,  various cotributions.
Research interests: Cardiovascular Protemics & Genomics, oxidative stress, ROS

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Didangelos A.
London - United Kingdom

Issue of contribution: Website concept, extracellular space.
Research interests: Vascular Biology, Extracellular matrix.

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Asma Amrani

Issue of contribution: Facebook group/site administration.
Research interests: Cardiovascular Genetics.

The Cardio-Research staff would like to acknowledge all those contributing to this initiative.

If you found any mistake on the site you would like to report please contact us. There is also a list of error reporters we would like to acknowledge.

How to join/collaborate.

Should you feel you can help us to improve this website by either adding or modifing its contents, please contact at cardio.research.website@gmail.com following the steps below:

1. E-mail us with the topic of your content as message issue (i.e. "new protocol", "western blot", "suggested database/tool", "fibroblasts" etc.)

2. Attach the submission form (download) properly filled up and those images you might wish to include . This is the easiest way for us. Nevertheless, if  you found easier any other submission way, we will be happy to receive your contribution.

3. Let us know about anything we might add or change on the Cardio-Research website.
4. Please note that this is a website with an aim to promote Cardiovascular Research in all its fields. Everybody is welcome to contribute so you do not need to be a PhD or  MD. All contents will be checked and edited before uploading in order to fit the site's guidelines.

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