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All that happens in the heart in 0.8 seconds

posted 23 Dec 2016, 17:36 by cardio research   [ updated 23 Dec 2016, 17:47 ]

I found this image showing the cardiac cycle at real time. 
It takes 800 milliseconds to complete a cycle.
The cardiac cycle
The illustrator is not mentioned anywhere, but the signature is included.

Quick learning cards

posted 19 Dec 2016, 08:09 by cardio research

On this brand new section, we will summarise the most successful pages on the site in the form of cards that can be easily used, shared and pinned. 

Many curious facts about the heart of animals and humans

posted 13 Dec 2016, 15:10 by cardio research

Learn here about some amazing facts about the heart of the animals.
The fastest? the slowest? the biggest? and much more!


posted 13 Dec 2016, 14:45 by cardio research   [ updated 13 Dec 2016, 14:55 ]

Visit this page to learn about the cells that make cardiac contraction possible.

Cardiac extracellular matrix

posted 13 Dec 2016, 14:37 by cardio research   [ updated 13 Dec 2016, 15:00 ]

In this page we review basic concepts concerning the structure and biology of the cardiac extracellular matrix, an often overlooked component of cardiac tissue.

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